The Dreadful Acne Photos (viewers discretion advised)

These photos are from 2 weeks ago. Since then, I had a detox peel by an esthetician in Los Angeles. My face was scarred from extractions for 3 days after, and it took a whole week for the raw skin to recover. After all that pain, I’m not sure if it did much for my skin.

From the pictures, there are tons of clogged pores, scars, whiteheads, and some cystic acne.

Products I’ve been using:

  • Desert Essence Jojoba Oil as sunscreen remover
  • PCA perfecting sunscreen
  • Dr Alkaitis Face Wash
  • NuSkin Enhancer (as moisturizer)

I will update with progress photos, after there is a bit more progress.

Feel free to leave any advice or comments down below.



5 thoughts on “The Dreadful Acne Photos (viewers discretion advised)

  1. Hi Skin Rookie,

    This is my first time to your blog but seeing your photos I couldn’t help but want to leave a comment for advice.

    Please check out the blog and read the book on Amazon (available for computer download /Kindle PC) The Real Guide to Flawless Skin by Stephanie Elizabeth. Its an all natural approach to effectively eliminate your acne and is one book which address all concerns: diet, exercise, vitamins, etc.
    P.S. This is not my blog and I make NO money from the blog I referred you to or the book sale.
    ~Chelsea @ DesignedForDetox

  2. Skin Rookie,

    I would like to offer some advice: Make sure you don’t eat any foods with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or any artificial sweeteners. Cut out all gluten, grains and dairy (at least for 4 weeks.) Stick to protein, good sources of fat (avocados/coconut oil), non-starchy veggies, and fruit (try to stick with apples and berries since they’re lower in sugar.)

    Here’s some tips: if you wear makeup remove it every night before bed.
    Try putting organic, unrefined coconut oil on your skin for hydration before bed and it helps with acne (try nutiva brand on Amazon) -also try diluting tea tree oil in some coconut oil and apply directly to the spot. Or you can use organic, unrefined honey to treat the area.
    Avoid any skin products with parabens, sulfates, sls, or dimethicone.
    ~Chelsea @DesignedForDetox

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