These photos are taken with my Mac PhotoBooth; hence, the quality isn’t the best.

However, these pictures still show the bumpiness off my skin due to inflamed acne. Here is my progress:





See what I mean? The lighting isn’t perfect but it still manages to capture the bumps/inflammation.

So in the last photo (which was taken like 5 minutes ago) my skin still has few whiteheads, not a lot. If anything, the texture has gotten much better, and I am left with dark pigmentation scars. If you have an recommendation for dark spot treatment, please let me know! I’ve tried lemon, but it’s way too acidic for my skin. Baking soda didn’t do much for me. Manuka honey did nothing. Vitamin C might’ve helped a little… I’ve also ordered Skin Apotheke Ubtan Scrub which has been raved by beauty guru EpicBeautyGuide and customer reviews, but it hasn’t done much for me.

5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Wow, your skin really has gotten so much better! Good luck with your hyperpigmentation. I feel like my dark spots have started fading faster now that I’m testing Raw Gaia´s MSM Beauty Cream, but I haven’t tried it long enough to know for sure if it’s helping, if time is fading them or if I’m just seeing what I want to see.

    • Thank you for your reply! I actually have the mrm msm cream, but I haven’t used it on my face yet. I will give it a try.

      I read somewhere that the cream helped to get rid of icepick scars on Love Vitamin’s blog, but I personally believe her success was a lucky case. It does even out skin tone and the texture.

      I tried a sample of Suki’s brightening serum. It seemed to have helped a little but it is $80 so I am holding off on getting it till I try some other alternatives first.

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