Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid


I read a lot about adding BHA & AHA to skincare regime to help with exfoliating, decongesting pores, and improving overall skin texture.

I read Reddit /r/AsianBeauty and other beauty blogs, and came across Cosrx BHA as a holy grail product for a lot of people. I have oily skin, and I struggle with blackheads/clogged pores, so I went ahead and purchased this product.

It’s quite affordable at $18, and  a single pump is enough to cover your entire face. I’d say even if you use the product once a day at night, it would last 5-6 months, maybe longer?

I used it for 4 weeks, only at night. Here is my experience:

  • Week 1: product seemed to be working. My skin was glowing and looked more refreshed.
  • Week 2&3: I broke out on my chin. I thought this was purging, which is good because it means all the gunk is coming to the surface
  • Week 4: I started breaking out on my cheeks!! I normally don’t break out on my cheeks so when I do, it’s a sign that I’m not purging but that the product is giving me irritation/breaking me out

So sadly, this was a miss for me. I am still looking for a good BHA product for pore maintenance, any suggestions are welcomed.