Soul Sunday Tokai Aloe Mist Review

After running out of my Josh Rosebrook’s Toner, I decided to pick up Soul Sunday’s Tokai Aloe Mist toner from Urban Outfitters.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.12.32 PM.png

The ingredients online did not list that this toner contains Witch Hazel in it, which is an astringent. If you spray it directly on your face even with your eyes closed, the acidity still lingers and burns your eyes when you open them. It’s not terribly uncomfortable, but I purchased a spray toner to eliminate the use of cotton pads or having to waste product by pouring it into my palms. With this, I would have to spray the toner to my palms, then dab it onto my face, avoiding the eye area.

I just wish the brand put more thought into the practices of a spray toner.

I would give this 2/5.